Terms & Condition

Terms And Conditions:

This page sets out the terms and conditions for web hosting services rendered by Port443 Cloud Hosting to you (“Customer”).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any service/s from our website. By placing an order on our website for any of our services, you will be indicating that you have read and understood the terms herein and agree to comply to them.
Refusal to accept these Terms and Conditions will result in no Services from our website being rendered or terminated. Our Data Processing Agreement under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) forms part of these terms and conditions.

By placing an order through our website, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts and that you are at least 18 years old.

If you are acting on behalf of a company or other business, you further warrant that you personally have the authority to bind that company or business on whose behalf you are placing an order.

Refunds, Cancellations And Chargebacks

Once a contact has been formed, you may cancel the contract in relation to the service you have purchased at any time.

If the cancellation is made within a period no greater than 14days after its inception, you will be eligible for a full refund upon request for shared web hosting or reseller web hosting services rendered.


To cancel a contract, you must inform us by openning a cancellation ticket before the end of your service month. As part of our cancellation process, we will respond to you to confirm your cancellation request.

Should you be dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us first to try and resolve any and all disputes. Any instances of chargebacks or similar from financial institutes will lead to an immediate and permanent termination of all services. Any amounts due will be invoiced.

If you have entered into this agreement as a consumer, you have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days from the date the contract is formed. For the avoidance of doubt, the contract is formed when you place an order through our website, and therefore providing us with permission to commence your services.

As a result, as soon as the services have commenced, you will not have the right to cancel the contract under the consumer contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. Please note that if you do not wish to waive this right, we will not be able to commence your services.

It is your responsibility to maintain a appropriate and up-to-date back-up of any data, information or other material you upload onto our servers as part of your use of the numerous hosting services we provide. We provide free tools to make website and database backups in our Plesk control panels.

In the event of loss or damage to data, you will not be offered access to our disaster recovery servers data, however, access to offsite backup will be granted.

We are not to be held responsible if the offsite back up is corrupted or unaccessable and once again, access to our disaster recovery servers will not be granted.

We will not be responsible for any loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of your Material caused by you or any third party

It is your responsibility to ensure that access is not granted to your hosting panel and that it is secured with a strong password which is changed regularly.

You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access our services through your panel be it by reselling or family and friends are made aware of these terms and conditions also.

Port443 guarantee 99.9% network availability in any given month for our Virtual Cloud Servers (VPS) and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) subject to certain exceptions as follows:

  • Planned upgrades, scheduled maintenance, or emergency maintenance.
  • Where it has been identified that the customer’s website and/or server is degrading the overall performance, quality and/or operation of the neighbouring servers and our network.
  • Any customer actions that lead to technical issues, such as custom code or third-party software installed by the customer, wilful misconduct, or breaches of these terms.
  • Periods reported by the customer in which no fault is observed or confirmed.
  • Performance degradations and service loss due to DDoS attacks or other unlawful attacks.

Network service is only considered unavailable during periods when the servers and/or connectivity is either completely inaccessible or is severely degraded.

Only exit nodes will be deemed acceptable within reason. If in doubt, please contact support.

Customers acknowledge that any material submitted for publication on their purchased plans through user’s account(s) will not violate or infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything obscene or libelous. User’s may not host any hardcore adult content on our shared or reseller servers. Software intended to facilitate any such violations or infringements may not be stored on on our servers.

Payment in respect of all services is on demand.

We will automatically generate an invoice in respect of the next period unless the services have been cancelled in accordance with our cancellation procedure. All invoices are delivered electronically to you via email and are available via the customer portal at https://portal.port443.uk. You are responsible for checking receipt of all invoices. No hard copy invoices will be sent by post.

Payment will be taken automatically following delivery of your invoice and will be non-refundable. In the event that any automatic payment should fail, the invoice will be considered overdue and immediately payable.

We reserve the right to change the prices and/or nature of our services by giving you 30 days written notice of those changes. Notice of changes to prices and/or services will be given by email to the email address we hold for your account. Any price change will take effect automatically upon a renewal of the agreement.

All payments must be made in UK Pound Sterling. Payments can only be made by a valid Credit/Debit Card, Direct Debit or through PayPal.

You warrant that you are authorised to use your chosen method of payment. If you are not the named cardholder, you acknowledge that you and the named cardholder both agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement and are jointly and severally liable for all payments under this agreement. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless in the event that the cardholder or issuer declines any payments to us including all of our costs in administering your non-payment and obtaining the payment due to us by you.

We reserve the right to suspend all services until payment is received in full and all outstanding charges are cleared. Any non-payment of a recurring invoice may be subject to an administration charge. You are responsible for all money owed to us under the terms of this agreement until it is terminated. You are also responsible for any additional costs incurred by us in taking steps to recover any sums due by You.

You will pay any additional Charges as may be required from time to time by us for reactivation of the services due to disconnection.

You are required to provide us with valid contact details and a valid payment method at all times during the term of this agreement. If any of this information is found to be invalid, we reserve the right to suspend access to your account.

If your chosen payment method is cancelled or changed for any reason then you must notify us immediately and provide us with details of an alternative payment method.

Payments processed by third parties are also subject to those third parties’ terms and conditions of service and we make no representations and provide no warranties with respect to those third party services.

You shall not be entitled to set off a credit against any amount owed to us pursuant to the agreement.

If you fail to pay all sums due to us, we reserve the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel your services. Such action is without prejudice to our right to recover any and all outstanding sums from you and your obligation to pay the same to us.

We reserve the right to pass your debt onto a third party debt recovery agent and you accept all liability for the recovery of our costs from You

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