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We guarantee 99.9% uptime coupled with 24/7 support and premium hardware.

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Manage your VPS from anywhere and with any device with an online connection.
Have total control over your projects and reinstall when needed without restriction.
Scale seemlessly on demand and migrate your instance across our available networks absolutely free.

Included With Every VPS

Weekly Back Up

We take backups of your server automatically on a weekly basis to our offsite location for added redundancy

24/7 Support

We are at hand if you need support with anything at any time. Raise a ticket or use the live chat function. We aim to answer all requests within an hour.

Unlimited DDoS Protection

An anti-DDoS system is included with all our virtual servers. It ensures service continuity for your projects in the event of an attack.

Free Monthly Restore

You can restore from any of our available backups once monthly. You can purchase a backup plan to increase this quota.

IPv4 And IPv6 Address

Each server has a dedicated IPv4 and an IPv6 subnet. You can add additional address (Up to 5) to your instance seamlessly.

Unmetered Traffic

Depending on plan chosen and server deployed on, port speeds can be up to 1gbps. 300-500mbps is our default port speed for budget plans.

Web Hosting?

Do you need web hosting?
Then be sure to have a look at our Plesk Shared Hosting and cPanel Shared Hosting plans available with NVMe SSD storage and 1gbps network ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the interest of keeping your site/project online as well as making hosting simple, your instance will not have its bandwidth suspended should you exceed your quota, however, your download and upload speeds will be capped to 10Mbps for the remainder of your contractual month.
Should you require additional bandwidth, it can be purchased from our shop during checkout or at any time via your client portal.

Yes. It is possible to add additional IPs up to a max of 3 to your instance either during checkout or via your client portal when the need arises. We charge only £1/Mo per additional IP.

It is important to note that any abuse detected such as Phising, malicious attacks or getting the IP blocked will firstly lead to the IP being withdrawn from your instance without warning followed by an investigation of your account and traffic.

Up and down is 100Mbps.
A speed boost add on can be purchased during checkout or any time from the client portal for a one off payment for the duration of your plan. The speed boost upgrade will increase your port speeds to 500Mbps

Our storage VDS as the name suggest is primarily for storage and as such, uses mechanical HDD storage. However, this does not exempt it from being used as a gameserver or for plex and will easily handle these tasks.

All of our servers come with nested virt enabled as standard.

All servers come with a /112 IPv6 subnet

Uploading of personal/custom ISOs is possible from your VPS panel. Alternatively, open a ticket and we will do it for you.

Yes. We also have Windows temlates available.
It is a MUST that you bring your own license before attempting to use Windows on our services.

In the footer of all of our pages, you should see a looking glass link which will also contain a 50MB test file.

We use KVM as our virtualization currently.

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